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Admission Criteria:

Your physician is responsible for recommending home care and for establishing a treatment plan. This plan is incorporated into the patient's record that is maintained by the Home Care staff.

The physician must certify and acknowledge the following:
  •     Home Care services are necessary.
  •     A plan for treatment has been established.
  •     The patient is in need of the various services as outlined under the treatment plan.
  •     He/she will not falsify or conceal essential information.

The physician will review the treatment plan periodically and re-certify that there is a continuing need for service.

Planning Patient Care

After the patient's referral has been accepted, the Home Care staff will assist the physician in planning for the patient's home care. An evaluation is made to determine the patient's needs for nursing services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social services and home health aides. The need for special supplies and equipment is also determined. Family members are given an orientation and trained in their responsibilities in providing care for the patient.